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    Towel? Poncho? Both!

    Some of you may have known it through me, but now in its newer and better form - the SWIM CLUB POWEL. You won’t want to wear anything else this summer!

    I have invested ton of time and effort, particularly into the quality of the towel, and I think the result is really impressive. Made with the finest 360 gr. Turkish towel fabric, the quality of the powel makes me very proud.

    The powel comes in the colors of our current collection: a pink lilac, a lemonhaze, and our beloved turquoise. There is also a limited edition which comes in all colors and is something like a galaxy print. We will only have the galaxy print for this first go around, as it will no longer be produced.

    In addition to its sensational looks, the SWIM CLUB POWEL also has practical features:

    You can use it not only for staying dry in wind and weather, but also for changing on the beach. It features a hood and a huge front pocket on the inside at the chest for your cell phone, keys, and sunscreen. Now all you have to do is choose a color…

    I am wearing a size XXL/XXXL and Jennifer is in a size S/M. Even if you are big, you can still fit the small sizes because the armholes are gigantic (so you can get to the inside pocket) and the head hole is cut generously!

    Product details:

    SWIM CLUB Patch // Hood // Inside pocket // 100% cotton, Velor 360 gr.